Zaterdag 22 juni

TEFAF SUMMIT 'The future of cancer management'

Since 2006, the European Fine Art Fair (TEFAF) is supporting international collaboration in cancer research by funding a special Chair of Oncology for visiting professors at GROW, the School for Oncology and Developmental Biology at Maastricht UMC+.

In a special symposium on Friday June 22nd, 2018, we celebrate 10 years of TEFAF Oncology Chairs.
The latest accomplishments and future developments in cancer epidemiology, prevention, biology, diagnostics and therapy will be discussed by the TEFAF Oncology Chairs and other eminent scientists.

Chris Wild, Lyon (FR) - ‘The global cancer burden; necessity is the mother of prevention'
Harald zur Hausen, Heidelberg (GER) - ‘The prospects of cancer prevention’
David Lane, Singapore (SGP) / Stockholm (SWE)- ‘One gene, 65.000 papers. So how does p53 work?’
Jan Hoeijmakers, Rotterdam (NL)- ‘DNA damage at the core of cancer and aging’
Catherine Verfaillie, Leuven (BE)- ‘Possible uses of pluripotent stem cells in disease modelling and therapy’
James Herman, Pittsburgh (USA)- ‘Taking the epigenome to the cancer patient’
Phil Quirke, Leeds (UK)- ‘Doubling survival in bowel cancer’
Robert Gillies, Phoenix (USA)- ‘Radiomics’
Jolanda de Vries, Nijmegen (NL)- ‘Restoring immunosurveillance by dendritic cell vaccines in cancer patiens’

Click here for the SUMMIT programme.

PhD students that wish to personally meet and discuss with the TEFAF chair professors are welcome to sign up for the Meet the Expert lunch, June 22ndfrom 12:25 – 13:35hrs.
Limited seats (50) are available for this lunch; first come/first serve,  so if interested please register soonest!
GROW will allocate individual students to a particular speaker.

This Summit is embedded in the Maastricht Pathology 2018 Meeting, complete programme can be checked at

SUMMIT registration via
Early Bird registration deadline; May 14, 2018